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In our modern society, we have patient asking more and more for alternative options for better health. This is because people are undernourished and overfed with the current Western Diet that does not meet all of our bodies nutritional needs and can contribute to chronic diseases.

Health professionals are trusted advisors that can provide vital information to address the needs of diet and lifestyle changes. 

NutraMetrix offers revenue generating solutions for both health practitioners and patients. We offer the most advanced science-based nutraceuticals and continued education programs that are easy to integrate into practices.

NutraMetrix Gene SNP DNA Analysis* allows a health professional to give their patients the opportunity to gain insight on how genetics and environmental factors impact their lives. 

(*not available in NY State)


Nutrametrix is a comprehensive wellness program created for Licensed Health Professionals, that enhances and compliments medical and alternative healthcare services. NutraMetrix consists of customized isotonic nutritional therapy, low-glycemic weight management and genetic DNA assessments for optimal health. 

Customized nutrition/wellness for easy implementation with patients.

Continuing education approved by the AMA, by faculty health professionals who have implemented the program successfully.


A portal website with educational information and ordering capabilities including access to the Natural Medicine Comprehensive Database.

A nutraceutical consultant (NC) to assist in implementation/staff training at no cost to you.


Incredible cash revenue to support your practice

  • Targeted health regimens

  • Custom nutrition solutions

  • Isotonic-capable supplements

  • Anti-aging supplements

  • Children's health supplements

  • Mind and energy supplements

  • Sports nutrition supplements

  • Heart health supplements

  • Digestive health supplements

  • Prenatal supplements

  • Skin health supplements

  • Vision health










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