N. Merna Timaul, MSc. CHN
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I offer a  HIPAA compliant telehealth platform in which clients have access to a mobile app and video conferencing. Easy and convenient for busy schedules and lifestyles. I also offer high-quality vitamins & supplements which are scientifically formulated for maximum absorption. I offer a variety of science tested and verifiable products from vitamins, supplements from Practitioner's Exclusive Selections- Isotonix and Full Script    


My primary areas of focus include:

Helping you with stress reduction (mental & financial)

     -Reduce anxiety level

     -Learn coping techniques

     -Have a calmer balanced lifestyle

     -Financial literacy for peace of mind

Helping you with blood sugar issues and metabolic syndrome, PCOS.

     -Improve insulin sensitivity

     -Reduce a1c levels

     -Prevent type 2 diabetes

Helping you make better food choices.

    -Balance digestive system

    -Learn what to eat and when

    -Improve energy levels

Helping you with weight management.


    -Poor diet

    -Fatigue & stress

    -Lack of nutrition

    -Lack of exercise

Services & Packages

Detox- Why Do It?

March 2, 2020

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