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Wellness HighLights

Our mission involves helping people and communities by providing educational

workshops and demonstrations. See below for highlights of some of our featured events.

Spring  Into Health Community Health & Wellness Workshop

Community Health and Wellness workshop focused on educating the community on healthy eating habits.

Holistic Health Vendors and Speakers, discussion on alternative, herbal products and options for a healthier lifestyle. stress management, diabetes, high blood pressure, nutritious eating habits, beauty and more.  

Food & Nutrition Workshop at Bronx Global Learning Institute

For Girls Charter School 

Nutritional Education is extremely important, especially for children. I had the privilege of conducting an educational workshop for parent and children in elementary school. Topics of discussion included the history of food, the types of nutrients, vitamins, healthy eating and shopping tips. Eating healthy does not have to be hard. Learning what to eat and how to read labels at an early age is key to a healthy lifestyle and disease prevention.

Autism Awareness

Autism and autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a general term for a group of brain development disorders which are characterized by difficulties with behavioral and social interactions. Since some studies indicated that this may be an neuro-inflammation disease, anti- inflammatory supplements such as VITAMIN D may provide some relief. Several research groups report that vitamin D upregulates the antioxidant glutathione in the brain. Glutathione is involved in the brain detoxification process and protects nerve cells and nerve conduction critical to mental processing. Vitamin D inhibits the synthesis and biological actions of pro-inflammatory prostaglandins, which are elevated in autism. The cause of autism is unclear, however studies have shown that diet plays a key role in reducing the symptoms. 

Summer Community Health & Wellness Workshop

Community Health and Wellness workshop focused on educating the community on healthy eating habits.

Overview of root causes of disease, discussion on disease prevention, stress management, diabetes, high blood pressure, vegan eating, beauty from inside out and much more.  

Health and Wellness at M.S. 181

Getting our kids to eat a healthy diet can be challenging. Kids today do not get the proper nutrition, due to the fact that most of our food are processed and kids think of healthy eating as being boring or tasteless. We conducted a wellness workshop at a middle school in the Bronx, to teach both parents and kids about ways to increase awareness and how to making health choices. Important factors include, knowing how to read labels and look for the bad additives and preservatives in foods. We also taught them how to make fun health foods that tastes great such as flourless pancakes and fruit smoothies. Eating health can be tasty and fun!

Back To School Literacy and Health Fair

With the start of the new school year , we partner with the Bronx Borough President Office in the #Not62 initiative. New York State has 62 counties and sadly The Bronx was listed as #62 in the County Health Ranking and Roadmaps Report which measures the aspects of the population health and non health related factors. We discussed with the community on ways of eating healthy and the importance of a balanced diet.  We also discussed the importance of taking vitamins and supplements that our bodies are lacking.  By reaching our to parents and kids alike we will help raise the bar and improve the health of The Bronx community.    

Bronx House Community Health Fair

With the start of a new season  We also discussed the importance of nutrition and the benefits of eating seasonal foods.  Fall is a great time to eat hearty foods such as root vegetables and making soups. Also, drinking herbal teas, spices that warm the body and boost the immune system.   

Nutrition and Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Proper nutrients are a healthy nutritional plan is essential for support the body and immune system when faced with Cancer or being a Cancer survivor.  Our workshop in collaboration with Nirvana Integrative Medicine in the Bronx focused on healthy tips and strategies for staying healthy.

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